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    Help setting up system with 2 recievers.

    I've got a dilemma, I have 1 reciever (pioneer vxs-d711) which i want to use for cable tv, and dvd playing duties. But I have another reciever, which I want to incorporate into my system, its a kareoke reciever.

    The kareoke reciever is only 4 channels (front LR, rear LR, no sub, no center), while my pioneer is a 5.1 system. The kareoke reciever only recieves a stereo input from the ktv linux machine. The linux machine can output in PCM, and component video, but the kareoke reciever can only take inputs in stereo analog, and can only output directly to the speakers. i know I can bypass the kareoke reciever, but then I lose the mic jacks, which defeats the point of kareoke.

    How can I set up both recievers to use the same set of speakers? If there were a way to add mics to my pioneer reciever, that would be good also.

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    I've decided to just get a piar of bookshelf speakers for ktv duties.

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