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    HELP! Panasonic sa-he200 Optical to Coaxial

    Alright. I cpnsider myself to be areasonably intelligent guy. But darn if I can't figure out how to get my instruction booklet to match receiver settings on my new Panasonic. For the most part, setup is pretty straightforward. Except for converting the optical input for the DVD to coaxial. I'm not sure if the instructions are poorly written, or if I was dropped just a little too much as a child!
    If anyone has any knowledge about this, please HELP! I'm beginning to doubt my sanity!

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    What are you talking about? You have to use an optical output to an optical input. Optical is transmitted through the cable via light and coaxial is an electrical digital signal. There is no adaptor, you either use one or the other. The optical has a unique end on either end of the cable and the coaxial cable is RCA type connectors on both ends. If your DVD player only offers optical and your receiver doesn't except it your are SOL. You'll have to get a DVD that has the same connection as your receiver. It would be rare though if your receiver didn't except both optical and coaxial.

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