Currently I have a Sony DVP-NS955 DVD/SACD player, used for both those purposes. Everything on the player is brilliant - other than the fact that this model line up (all the 955's I've tried) refused to play an SACD I have in multichannel. The SACD is not at fault, as I've tried 10 different players and two exact copies - but both these fail on this particular Sony. To cut a long story short, I am now planning on selling this player and purchasing a used Marantz DV6400 ... or am I?

This is where I'm stuck - and have till Saturday to make up mind. I can't figure out if I want to rid myself of the Sony or not. Check these, and maybe someone can help?

The advantages of the Sony ...

The Sony has 108mhz/12 bit video DAC vs the Marantz 54mhz/10 bit

The Sony is a brand new and still current model, versus the Marantz model being 18 months old and replaced already

The Sony has a 103db dynamic range on DVD, versus the Marantz 100db on DVD (CD playback doesn't bother me)

The Sony keeps the DSD stream when playing SACD, the Marantz converts to PCM and outputs

The Sony plas DivX, versus the Marantz that can't

The Sony is a QS model (high grade components and parts)

Due to selling the Sony out of hand, I must pay in 1/3 extra on the Marantz

The Sony was bought brand new (guarantee), the Marantz is preowjned

The advantages of the Marantz ...

It plays my SACD 100%! It PLAYS ALL my SACDS 100% my with no errors!

It has the advantage of playing DVD-Audio as well

It is a Marantz, versus the other being Sony (quality maybe?)

The Marantz has bass management for both DVD-A and SACD, versus none for the Sony