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    Help me find a receiver with "Main Inputs"

    I need a receiver with the following:

    6.1(+) Direct Analog Input
    *Main Inputs/Preamp Out*
    take a signal from a 48hz source

    All of the other features I want are pretty much standard these days.

    Right now I have a Marantz 5200, which is okay, but lacks the "main inputs/Preamp Out" that my h/k AVR 55 had. I need the main inputs to run to my subwooders, so I have full range stereos.

    The only receiver I can find are older HKs, top of the line Marantz and NAD, which are plauged with reliability problems. I'd like it to have 75 watts+, I have "90" right now, but we all know how's that's subjective. I wouln't mind an older receiver, or kindof upgrading. I am just unfailimar with other brands. I will listen to all opinions I wouldn't mind an older model, as long as it had DD at least.

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