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    Help me find low end system for my computer/tv

    Ok.. so after two weeks or so of a little research, I came across these forums and hopefully you guys will finally be able to provide me with a little expert advice.

    I have decided to buy a new sound system for my computer, and in my search I decided that I might want to look at something a little bit bigger that I could also hook up to my tv. The system will be mainly used for music, but a surround sound setup for the tv would be nice. I live in a dorm room, which isn't small for a dorm room but obviously isn't too big.

    I haven't been able to find any surround sound computer speaker setups that I have really liked. I looked at the logitech z5500 and the Klipsch promedia ultra 5.1 (discontinued) but they didn't satisfy me.

    Recently I came across the Klipsch cinema 6 system, and it sounds like a great system for what I am looking for. What do you guys think?

    A few questions:

    If I bought the cinema 6, would it be easy to hook up to my computer (keep in mind I have a creative 5.1 soundcard with like 6 outputs.. though I don't have much knowledge on what they do) and my tv? What sort of chords would I need?

    Would this system be good for music? Or is it really home cinema/movie based?

    I would plan on using a receiver my brother will give me, so I don't think I'll need one.

    If you guys could help me at all or point me in the right direction that would be great.

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    Well usually pc type speaker set ups like the Klipsch Cinema 6 aren't going to be recommended around here for a home theater set up.

    I guess I would just consider what you are looking to accomplish here. Do you do a lot of PC gaming? Is it mostly for listening to music? Do you really need 5.1?

    Also, considering that you are in a dorm, I am guessing that you have to be careful with the volume at times.

    For my PC I use a separate set up from Cambridge Sound Works. Something like this would be ideal and pretty reasonable at $299:

    Or you could go with this for $100 less if you don't really need the 5.1:

    I am not sure about hooking up a PC speaker system to a television. I mean, you don't usually run a receiver with these types of systems, they plug straight into your sound card. So, if you are looking for a nice speaker system that will be used with a receiver and stuff, I would just stay away from these PC type speaker systems and go with a set of nice book shelf speakers.

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    Right, using a receiver is one thing, and you could hook your computer into the receiver for merging everything together but using computer speakers with your TV even if it was possible, you wouldn't use the receiver.

    I saw some amplified speakers from Audio Engineering that I was thinking about getting for my daughter's computer but they are only stereo. The A5 even has a USB charging station for the mp3 player. This could easily be plugged into computer or TV but again they have their own amplifier built in so you wouldn't need a receiver.

    If the receiver you are getting is a surround sound, I'd use that for the heart and run everything into that. Then all you need is a budget 5.1 set up of regular home speakers.

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