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    Question Help with DVD player and television settings.

    I have a JVC progressive scan DVD player (with outputs on the back of 480p and 480i) hooked with component video into my Yamaha 1400 a/v receiver going to my Toshiba HD CRT rear projection television.

    What should I set my DVD player to? I have it set to 480p right now. Also, my television setting brings up formats 540p and 1080i which confuses me even more.

    Could someone please help explain this to me? What should I set my DVD player(480i or 480p) and television(1080i or 540p) to. I mainly watch DVD's.

    Would it be worth upgrading to a DVD player with HDMI interface and capabilities of upscaling to 720p/1080i.

    Opinions really matter.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Lightbulb dvd and television setup

    If your tv as a component jack and does not support progresive scanning mode ,set it at 480i (dvd) if your component jack support progressive scanning mode set it at 480p.You must change the video signal selector position while the unit power is off.Otherwise the changed setting is not effective.Pat.P

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