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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hello to all

    Just joined the forums. I have been into audio and home theater for some time now. I have used this site in the past to look at equipment reviews, but haven't participated in the forums. I am an avid music fan and am into many modern artists, especially independents. I have an iPod and a variety of high quality headphones. Now that HD is becoming more mainstream, I am preparing to upgrade my home theater system, so, I will be looking at the posts and asking questions.

    I guess that is all for now. Let the good times roll!


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    Welcome to the forum Brad. It is an exciting time to delve further into HT as the possibilities seem limitless. There's alot of practical knowledge floating around this site, many characters with some great hands-on experience. Fire away with the questions and sooner or later someone will show up who's been through the same stuff.

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    Welcome to AudioReview! If I give you any advice about HT please disregard immediately. My stereo is nowhere near my TV.
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    welcome to the forums, lots of good info here
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    Hi mrbrad. Nice to see another Texan in the crowd. If you look hard enough through the humor you will find a lot of useful info about HT. I know I did.

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