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    HDMI Connections

    I have a Sony 5200es A/V Receiver with three HDMI inputs.

    Latest HD Direct tv satillite box with HDMI output

    Blue Ray DVD with the HDMI outputs

    My TV is a mitsu HD with no HDMI inputs

    My question, Would it be possible or would I gain anything if I connected the Sat Box and DVD HDMI Connections into the A/V Receiver with out being able to connect a HDMI from the receiver to the TV??

    Thanks for any help.

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    Simple answer....time for a new TV.

    What inputs does your TV have? Does it have DVI?

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    I'm not sure, but my guess is yes. Blu-ray will not upconvert standard DVD unless via HDMI, so if your receiver will convert the HDMI to component, you could possibly get a better picture with standard DVD playback. Now this is assuming your Mits is HD. If you don't have HDMI on your TV I'm sure it isn't 1080p capable. But IF your receiver will convert from HDMI to component I think you would be wise to use the HDMI.

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