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    fresh start, can u guys build me a system.

    im making another thread bc the other one is all about returning what i got for the most part, now i have no idea what to look for. returned everything free and clear btw. while i was in the store they had plenty of systems set up and they sounded great, so that lets you know i have no idea about real sound or what to even listen for if i go into a quality salon.

    ill be as specific as possible. I have a 20x20 room. i want it for video games/music / movies. 45/35/20. respective %. i can spend up to about 2k . also i liked the smaller speakers of the bose , it was an attractive feature. i dont need them that small but im not looking for huge book case speakers or a a giant center chanel that i happened to see suggested in the other thread.

    one thing i did notice in bose was that they turned it up really loud and it was over bearing as opposed to crisp and clean. so id like the sound to " not be like that"

    basically if you guys had a my spending limit and wanted to get a nice entry level system with smaller speakers being somewhat imprortant. what would you get. also there is a place called HARVEY ELECTRONICS near my house that has some of the most ridiculous stuff i have ever seen. how does this look for equipment. thanks again

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    I may be partial but check out the Infinity TSS series speakers, a real good bang for the buck. Small compact speakers (that sound a lot bigger than they are), if that is a important issue for you. CNET has a real good review on them

    Here a link to a factory authorized OL dealer
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    hey vdogg, sorry i totally misread you in the other thread, i'm not usually such a dick.

    as to your search for an HT system, the best you can do in selecting anything in audio is to hear it for yourself. listening to as many different systems as you can will help you figure out the type of sound that you prefer. if any system(s) stand out from the others, and they give you a sound that you really enjoy, your search might end right there. otherwise you can check the "usual suspects" that represent quality and value, available through online outlets (in no particular order):

    Boston Acoustics
    Cambridge Sound Works
    Harmon Kardon
    plus a slew of others that i have no doubt forgotten.

    i dont have any idea how good they might be, but Mission and Mirage have some systems that use the small cubes. i would imagine they are at least as good as the Bose system you heard and cost much less.

    my HT set up is a very modest 2-channel system made up of a $15 Radio shack Accurian T-amp and a pair of vintage Advent 5002 two-way speakers i found for $15 (i had to replace the surrounds which cost another $15). this little set up does an amazing job with movies, tons of impact and dynamics, with a surprisingly high level of refinement and realism. it performs so well that i have no desire to put together a 5.1 or 7.1 system. i only add this to illustrate that you dont have to spend thousands to get a system that is very satisfying and enjoyable.
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