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    Nothing big....I am completely happy with my setup (Pioneer Elite 50" Plasma), Klipsh, SVS PB12/2Plus, Harman Kardon AVR635.......but tonight we are finally getting a nice wool rug (12' x 9') to cover the very nice looking but VERY loud wood floor in our living room....I can already hear the 'warmth' from the system....hehehe...seriously though, anyone think I will actually hear difference? The floor is about 14'x12' so the rug should cover most of it....nice cushy chairs (cloth fabric) will cover most of the rest of the wood floors.....lastly, just need some nice canvas prints on the back wall to minimize those reflections...

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    Big difference

    We had to clean the floor of our living room last weekend after a halloween party. It's a tile floor with a large rug under the coffee table. We moved all the furniture & the rug into the guarage and hallway so the whole room was empty. Of course while we were cleaning, we still wanted music, so we left the stereo and tower speakers where they were.

    After we were done, but before we moved everything back, I sat down in the middle of the room (between the speakers) to listen to some music. The sound was totally different, almost hollow and definitely harsher than before.

    Anyone who thinks furniture and rugs don't affect sound, probably doesn't clean their floors very often...

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