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    Feedback on new HT

    I know alot of this is subjective on product choice, bu tI just wanted to see if anyone saw anything they would highly recommend changing.

    Projector- Sony VPL-VW60
    Speakers- KEF in-wall Cl200.3QS or QT x3
    KEF in-ceiling Cl130.2QR x4
    Screen- Da-Lite 106HCCV
    Sub- Velodyne spl 1200
    A/V reciever- Denon AVR3808-Cl
    Blue Ray/DVD - Sony PS3 or Denon DVD-2500BTCl
    Power Conditioner- Panamax 5400-PM
    HDMI - Audioquest HDMI-1 2 meter
    Componet- Audioquest YiQ-1 2 meter componet Video cable
    Sound- Audioquest Optilink 1 2 meter Optical Digital Cable

    I have access to 5 used KEF Cl200.3QT. Would that be sufficient for a 5.1 system and maybe add my old JBL's and create a 7.1?
    Would you bypass the in-wall for any reason?

    Thanks for your imput

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    Looks like you have a nice system.

    If the KEF's you have access to are box speakers I'd use them and bypass the inwall. Unless, depending on location the inwalls could be utilized effectively for sides or rear in a 7.1 system. Definitely bypass the ceiling speakers. The reason is basically proper set up for surround sound imaging, or imaging for anything as far as that goes. You may want to look at some speaker set up diagrams on the Dolby website.

    The 1200 is an incredible HT sub.

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