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Thread: DVE Question?

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    DVE Question?

    I didn't know there were different formats of this disc. I bought it to make sure I'm getting the best possible picture from my 57" JVC HDTV(rear projection). When I read the back of the case it noted that there were three versions of this disc. NTSC, PAL and a HDTV version. Do different TV's have a different reception format? I just got the PAL version of DVE but my TV's reception format is NTSC. Is there a difference between these 2 formats? Any thoughts are comments would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    PAL is the broadcast standard used in Britain, most of Europe, and in most former British colonies. (SECAM is the other major broadcast standard) It's incompatible with the NTSC broadcast standard that's used in North America and Japan. Unless your TV can accept PAL signals (not likely if you live in North America), you can't use a PAL disc.

    For calibrating your TV with a DVD player, you need to get the NTSC version. The HDTV version of DVE is only available using D-VHS, which at the moment is the only nonbroadcast HD source available to consumers.

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    PAL and NTSC are two different display formats. PAL is mainly European and NTSC North American. PAL has 720x576 scan lines and NTSC 720x480. PAL refreshes the screen at a rate of 25 frames/second and NTSC at 30 fps. The color frequencies of the two formats are slightly different, and PAL playback is 4% faster. PAL uses MPEG audio and NTSC DD or DTS. The formats can be converted into each other, but the components that do so are far more common in Europe. The results are never perfect. You need the NTSC version. (BTW DVE's HDTV version was made for D-VHS; color setup for HD differ from that of standard DVD.)


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    Thanks for the info guys.

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