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    Dual DVD/CD format being tested: the beginning of the beginning?

    Just found an article today stating that the recording companies have begun test marketing the new "dual discs" which are basically flipper discs with the CD layer on one side and a DVD layer on the other. This could eventually pave the way for single disc releases with CD audio on one side, and either DVD-A, other high res digital audio, or DVD video content on the other side.

    The test marketing is in Boston and Seattle, and most of the dual discs are combination CD/DVD-A discs.

    The BIG shocker in this test is that Sony Music is one of the participants. Given that they have been pushing SACD, which already has a hybrid disc format available, Sony Music's issuing dual discs is very surprising. However, this does not mean that they've jumped on the DVD-A bandwagon -- their dual discs only have two-channel PCM audio on the DVD side.

    Some of the potential issues that they're trying to iron out with this test is how compatible the discs are with a wide range of players. The early test pressings failed because their thickness prevented some car stereos from reading the discs. One of the linked articles says that the dual discs had to make compromises in order for the discs to work properly. Basically, the disc capacity on the CD layer is now only 60 minutes, and the DVD-A layer can now only support a 5.1 96/24 MLP track, with not enough room for a high res stereo track.

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    60 minute albums could cause some problems, but quite honestly might be a blessing in disguise for the music industry...imagine how much better the world would be if bands though twice about including filler on albums.
    If they were faced with higher production costs of going to a 2-disc release or cutting the crappy tunes, we might not have artists releasing new albums as fast as they can. Or they'll just charge more to cover the extra material cost.
    Here's hoping for the former.

    However, I hope they address the time crunch dilemna, some albums play from beginning to end, it'd be a small drawback to have to change discs or buy a 5 disc capacity DVD-A player...

    Excellent links Wooch.

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