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    Question Dual Blu Ray/HD DVD/DVD players....

    Hey there, I have a couple questions concerning dual Blu Ray/HD DVD and what they are capable there a blu ray player that can play any zone BD like current DVD players that play all zones? This is a convenient feature to have and I haven't seen any players capable of this.

    Building on that, is there a player out there that plays BD/HD DVD/DVD that is not restricted by zones in any way for the DVD and Blu Ray or even just DVDs? If you were to have a dvd player that was not restricted by zones and you wanted to upgrade to high def, I wouldn't think you'd want to have to go backward in terms of dvds obviously, if you have dvds in zones 1 and 2 it'd be a bit annoying to have to keep the player you are replacing just so you can watch the other half of your movie collection because your new one is HD but restricted to a particular zone. With that being said.....could the player also record dvds to a HDD or DVD at the same time as having those capabilities? Sorry this is slightly over the top but it'd be a mess to have like 3 players all stashed up in your tv room and I'm just trying to find out if this technology even exists, I can't seem to find anything.

    Basically it comes there a player that can read both HD formats, normal dvds, is not restricted by zones for at least dvds and can also record whether it be hdd or dvds....thanks a lot if anybody knows anything about such machinery!! :-)

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    No to the zone free and no to the recording.Yes LG has a dual player.While there will be a recorder at some future time,i doubt it will ever do what you want.

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    3,373 is a good resource for DVD players, but it doesn't look like they are doing anything with the HD players yet.

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