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    Dish 1000

    A few weeks ago i upgraded my satellite system to the dish 1000. The dish 1000 is smaller than my old superdish. I still get my reg HD channels, HDNET,DSCHD,HDNMV,TNTHD,ESPNHD, plus all the VOOM channels.I all so got the VIP 622 DVR satellite receiver, Which i really like, it records HD and it also can send a standerd signal to a second tv , It has UHF remote that will work anywhere in the house for the second tv which in my case is upstairs, This is really nice because i can watch recorded or live stuff on both tv,s. Only bad thing is if i get a second HDTV for upstairs i will only beable to watch over the air stuff live in HD.The thing that is so nice for me is i work 2 shift and i never got to see all my favorite shows in HD like csi,lost,stuff like that. Now i can record stuff in HD and watch it when i get home, this gives me more usage my HDTV, I also run a optical cable from the sate receiver to my denon 4800, 5.1 sounds very good even on over the air shows, im going to try to upload a few pic just for the fun of it. BTW im in know way trying to push DISH, Me and them ---kers have had it out many times over the years, They treat you like gold to get you in as a new customer, then after they have you look out, But i really do like the new system, so now we will just have to wait and see if it holds up.Just wanted share a few thougths and pics,
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