I thought making this would be simple, but I've found it a lot harder than I anticipated! What I mean is that I have one screen/monitor, and two video players (all video is through RGB component, RCA cables). What I need is a system to be able to switch which of the two devices is connected to the monitor, and thus has it's signal displayed.
I am aware that numerous devices such as this exist already, however I require one that can be operated wirelessly from a RF remote (since the signal has to travel through a wall). To be clear I don't mean that the video signal itself travels wirelessly, I just mean I can change the state of the switch remotely.
My current plan is to use a "relay" which I found on Kynix: Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps Online Ordering | PDF Datasheet | In-Stock, but I'm not quite sure how these devices work, and most of the documentation for them is in Chinese so it doesn't make life easy... Here is a photo of what I'm talking about:
I'm worried that these things don't actually join a circuit, they just supply power to it when it receives a signal.
Additionally, since my video is in RGB format, (therefore it has 3 cables: Red Green and Blue) I was concerned that I would need a relay with 6 inputs, (while the one pictured only has 2). However I came up with a scheme which I think will allow me to use the two input relay, but I'm not sure... Here's a diagram of it (assuming a relay works the way I think it does)
So in one state the relay will only have IN1 connected to OUT1, and in the other state the relay will connect IN2 to OUT2, whilst closing IN1 and OUT1. I dunno... will this work or am I crazy?