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Thread: Denon or Onkyo

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    Denon or Onkyo

    I am looking for new ARV to replace my old one. My speakers are Bose 701. I will apprecaite if somebody could tell me which receiver is better for me. the 80% of usage is music and 20% is movie.

    Denon ARV 3805
    Onkyo TX-SR702

    Thank you for your advise.

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    why would you buy that good of a receiver for bose speaker?... lol jk. I don't have any experience with onkyo but i wasn't able to kill my denon like the two sony ES receivers i had. It didn't sound harsh and always provided more than enough power for the levels i listen to.
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    I am usually pretty biased towards Onkyo (thats the brand I have had the most experience with). All of this year's line up are great (TXSR603X, 703, 803) for both movies and music. You might be better off to go with the 703 (unless you can find a steal on last years 702 - they retail at the same price). The 703, and 803 are both THX cerified with the biggest difference between them being HDMI switching on the 803. All are XM ready - just plug the antenna in and away you go ( you do have to subscribe).

    Either way, they are both great brands and you won't go wrong with either one - but my money is on the Onkyo.

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