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    Question Denon AVR-1604 and Mirage speakers

    I recently (2 months ago ) bought a Denon AVR-1604 receiver and a set of 2 Mirage OMNI-250 and 3 OMNISAT speakers. The problem is that almost every morning when I turn on the receiver it does not have sound. I have to turn it OFF and ON two or three times in order to gain sound. What I realised whenever I don't have sound is just on the options that involve all 5 channels. If I switch to the front two channels it works. Now I sent the receiver to Denon and they said they fixed. What my question is: might this problem be from the speakers, a short maybe inside, because I went over the connecting wires inch by inch and they seem to be in perfect condition. Can anybody give me a solution of what can happen because I really wanna return the Denon back.

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    Switching problem...

    I have 1602 model and about once a month, i get no sound.....usually use remote and discovered I can get sound by switching between sources on the buttons on receiver.....I have a friend with the 1604 who has the same problem.....again, my problem is once a month...cant suggest anything but warranty service if you have the problem every day.....I also notice that switching between sources is slow on Denon units when they are working right vs a Yamaha for would think they would correct these problems so that people like you, in this case did not have them 2 models later.....

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