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    Question Denon 4806/4306 vs Marantz sr9600

    Decisions, decisions.... Both are made by D & M Holdings and have fine reputations. I am hearing on the boards the Denon may sound tinny, Marantz sounds best. But so much more is said about the Denon. Is this hype?

    What are the differences? The Marantz flagship is more afforable than the Denon's (58xx)and at my pricepoint (reaching, though) and priced close to the 4806.

    Any comments from those who have seen/heard both? Local dealers seem to have either one or the other, but not both.

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    I like Marantz, I own two of their M-700 mono amps, but I don't believe they have the market presence they once had. Denon is one of the top three mid-fi companies I would consider for a home theater. For DVD movies I would select Yamaha. They're very dymanic, powerful and handle multi-channel, high-current loads very well. I prefer Denon for two-channel and multi-channel audio. I prefer the depth and accuracy of their soundstage. I think the Onkyos reproduce both equally well, but not as well as either Yamaha or Denon, yet still a good value for a mid-fi receiver. I own a Yamaha RX-V2095 I use in a home theater with Klipsch speakers and a Denon AVR-3300 I use with Legacy speakers in another HT setup for both movies and music.

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    I have looked at Yamaha 2600, but believed the Auto Eq easier to use and covers lower freq's (per these threads). Is that a loss for a newbie?

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    avnorm, both receivers are good (theyd better be at that price). it all just goes down to your preference. i would suggest you test both of them and decide for your self. as for me, i like the sound of marantz much much better than denons. they bring any kind of speakers to life. just so powerful and true to life whether for music or ht. denons are good too but i find it lacking the bass punch especially when used for music listening.

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    Enough with the Denon already!!

    Why do so many people on these boards rave so much about Denon? Denon sucks. Thier amps are weak and thier sound is thin and lifeless. They are mass produced junk.

    AVNorm, if you are going to spend between $2500 - $3000 on a reciever do yourself a favor and stay away from Denon. Check out Sunfire, B & K, Parasound, Anthem, Arcam, Lexicon, or something along these lines. Denon's higher end pieces cost as much as these guys but Denon can't handle hold a candle to them in terms of quality and sound.

    These units are harder to find but if you give them a listen Norm you won't want to buy a Denon. Trust me.

    As for Marantz it is better sounding than Denon but still can't compete with the brands I suggested.

    Sounds like you are going to spend a lot of money on your reciever Norm. If I were you I'd do my homework and listen to many different brands before I made my purchase, not just the BestBUy Japanese garbage talked about by so many on these boards. You might have to spend a little extra to get something like a Sunfire or a Lexicon but hey you can always put it on layway and then when you finally do get it you will have a piece that is true quality that will last you a long time.

    That's my advice Norm.

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