The other day I too found myself with the Pioneer DV-563A dvd-audio incompatibility problem. Here is the deal. Call pioneer, make sure you get in touch with a real person over the phone. Explain the problem and they will refer you to the nearest Pioneer service center that has the tools to fix the problem. Don't go through the automated phone menu. The first time I did this, I ended up with a random repair shop that knew nothing about the problem. In my case, I was referred to Bayview Electronics in Lacey, Washington. According to the repair guy I spoke to at Bayview (Duncan), Bayview is one of 6 service centers that are currently making this repair. For all you do-it-yourselfers out there, you are out of luck. The repair shops actually hook up your dvd player to a computer through some proprietary interface and download the firmware to your machine. Duncan says it takes about a half hour to complete the upgrade. Anyways, turnaround time was only 1 day and my DVD player now plays the hi-res track of the new Neil Young dvd-audio discs (Hawks and Doves, On the Beach, etc.). Obviously, a worthwile upgrade and not that big of a deal.