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    Confused about the older Sony ES lines. Mainly their receivers STR DAxES

    I have a Sony STR DA2ES and was wondering which ones came out after? which ones replaced which ones? I was looking at a STR DA5ES but it looks to be older from my research, anybody know whats going on? Same thing with the ES CD players I have a CDP CA7ES and it looks like the 8 and nine came out before? wierd. I also have a CDP CA70ES and its the updated 7.
    Mainly I am interested in info on the STR DAxES receiver lines, what order they came in and which ones are a step up from my STR DA2ES. Thanks

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    The easy way is to go to the Sony website and check there product line, most have a archive section of older gear, so you can d/l manuals.
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    I agree you should go to their website, you will get exactly what you are looking for.
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