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    compatible receiver SONY DAV-C900

    My receiver has become inoperable after a power surge. A SONY repair center estimates a MINIMUM of $150 to repair. The speakers are ok so I need a compatible receiver for these speakers. In a about a year I am moving and will upgrade so I not be needing to invest big bucks in this.



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    There are some very rough reviews on the Sony DAV-C900 on these forums. You may want to read the reviews before purchasing your next system.

    I would definately not invest any more money into the DAV-C900, as you noted. You could replace this receiver with a cheap Yamaha HTR-Series receiver for around $200-$300, plus of course you will need a new DVD player.

    For your next system I highly recommend avoiding Home Theatre in a Box solutions, and instead purchasing seperate Receiver / DVD / Speakers. I'd also highly recommend a surge protector, to protect your equipment in the future.

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    I'd recommend a Yamaha receiver around $300-$400 should suit you just fine for the time being, and hopefuly that's not more than you intended to spend for now.

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