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    Question Combinding Computer and home theater systems to make one big system

    Ok well I'm new to this whole sound world so i am very unfamiliar with the project i am looking to tackle. This may seem like a very simple project or an impossible one or explained somewhere else but I'm short on time. I have a computer speaker system consisting of 4 speakers and a 5in sub woofer, nothing crazy. I bought a headphone jack splitter so i could add 2 more computer speakers. I took apart the sub woofer box and took the speaker wires that attached to the sub and split them into 2 sets and then plug those 2 sets into my 2 ten inch car sub woofers but obviously not getting enough power. I think it might have ruined the other 6 regular speakers because they don't play nearly as loud as they use to. Another pain was that in order to get this system to work i had to plug it into the headphone jack on the tv which often got pulled out and what not. It wasn't very phesable. I found a cheap DVD home theater system brand name of zenith. This link shows the exact system

    and the spec sheet

    well my goal is to add these 5 speakers to the 6 computer speakers and then add the sub woofer from the home theater and another 18 in speaker i have to the two 10 in subs and make one giant system hopefully controlled by the dvd player that came with the home theater system. I know a little about speaker systems from my car but I'm not sure what kind of amp or capacitor you use or how to wire this all for an ac outlet in my dorm room.

    I hope someone could help me. I would love to have the greatest sound system for the upcoming football season at my college.



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    I would forget about the car stuff and the computer stuff and just use the zenith.That little amp won't drive those car subs(4 ohm)not enough power.Go with a basic 5.1 system,much easier to set up and will sound better than jamming all those speakers in one small room.

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    uhh not quite the response i was looking for but thanks anyway thats not what im looking to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegti02
    uhh not quite the response i was looking for but thanks anyway thats not what im looking to do
    Listen to the man.
    I admire your efforts, and hey you're learning something, but the reason the sound level dropped is that that minescule (think clock radio) amp couldnt run everything you had pluged into it.
    Dont put the cart before the horse, I am typing this looking at my 37in LCD, which has increasingly replaced my regular monitor, my computer has a place in my HT, I am always playing music, old shows off the web on my system.
    Get a decent sound card, then something cheap from sherwood, etc, and as funds allow
    add speakers, you can get some really cheap.
    YOU CAN USE YOUR COMPUTER for DVD, CD, stuff off the web, get a video card
    with video out and hook that up to your set, or even better get a decent computer monitor
    and use that as your primary set.
    Its called a HTPC, and is an entire sub-genre of HT.
    But the zenith is a lot cheaper and a lot less trouble
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