My apologies to anyone who is reading this for a second time. I originally posted it in the amps/preamps forum, but haven't gotten any feedback.

After months of auditioning component after component after componenet after...
I am nearly done specifying my system. The most difficult part has been balancing my two-channel audiophile tendencies in a 5.1 system.

So here is what's been decided on:
Magnepan 1.6 mains
Magnapan MC1 center
Magnepan Home Theater Surrounds
Conrad Johnson Premiere 140 amp (140x2 tube to drive mains)
B&K 3-channel amp (125x3 SS to center & surrounds)

The sub will come later, but right now my concern is finding a preamp/processor. At this point in the process it would be difficult to audition the whole system without taking the preamp home for a demo which I'll probably end up doing, so I'm looking to you guys (once again) for advice. Is there such a thing as a pre/pro that does two-channel as well as some of the top two-channel preamps? What should I consider? Thanks again for the help.