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Thread: cd/dvd/changer

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    Unhappy cd/dvd/changer

    Looking for the best of both worlds any suggestions?

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    You can get the Sony ES mega changer for around $800, check that baby out.

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    I just bought the Integra DCP-8.5 and I could not be happier. Give it a listen or a view.

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    Yamaha C750
    Look & Listen

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    I have a Yamaha C740. I got it because I wanted a tray style changer. I don't like the massive (100+) disc changers, becasue I don't want to store discs in the changer, but I wanted the ability to change things in and out as I have people over a lot and it is good to keep the music going.
    It is a pretty decent cd/dvd player. Pretty much par for the course as far as features and performance. It doesn't do anything spectacular, but it gets the job done. Plays most anything I throw at it...though I typically use DVD+R for writable media. Audio quality is good for a mid-fi player, but I really don't have anything to compare it to other than my turntable, but that isn't really an even comparison.
    The C750 definitely looks like a step up with a smaller from factor and the ability to play both DVD-A and SACD. I think you might be happy with that one.

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