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    Carver Holographic Spatializer & Front Speakers

    OK, I thought I would try something different. I have a Carver H-9 Holographic Spatializer that I want to insert between my receiver and a seperate amp that would power the front speakers. This would augment a 7.1 HT setup in a medium-to-small sized rectangular room. Haven't tried it yet, will do so this weekend. Any thoughts? Recommendations?

    Also, any chance this will mimmick Yamaha's presence speakers sound?

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    I'm old school: The less you have between the signal and speakers, the better off you are.

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    Is that Carver model the outboard sonic hologram spatializer or is it integrated into an amplifier?

    Generally speaking I agree with topspeed, you probably don't want to insert a signal processor into the chain, especially if you've got a multichannel setup. In a multichannel setup, you want all of the channels to voice match as much as possible. And with a good 5.1 mix, all of the spatial effect cues that you need are already present in the mix.

    A two-channel processor connected to the L/R channels can create severe mismatches with the center and surround channels. Even if it operates similarly to the Yamaha presence outputs in that it directs the processed signal to a pair of outboard effect speakers and leaves the other channels intact, it still won't sound right because processing only the L/R channels with discrete center and surround channels present only provides a portion of the signal that the Carver needs to properly process.

    With two-channel sources, I remember that the Carver sonic hologram created a large enhanced soundfield, but it also monkeyed around with the tonality of the music much the same way that a lot of DSP processors do nowadays. Even with all of these doubts in my mind, it still sounds like an interesting experiment, so go ahead and let us know what you observe.

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    I say go ahead and experiment and report back. Since the carver relies on L-R channel differences to do it's magic it will likely not be as effective with already heavily processed L-R surround.

    I have a carver pre-amp with the holography circuit built in, and contrary to critics, I found it improved stereo recordings in ways I've found DSP modes sounded artificial and fake. Carver's concept was on the money, it's just his implementation that we can argue about.

    However, over years I've found improved digital technology, along with better DACs and amps have done more than an adequate job producing a soundstage that blooms like the sonic holography circuit, and hence the carver sits in my basement.

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    It's esparate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Woochifer
    Is that Carver model the outboard sonic hologram spatializer or is it integrated into an amplifier?
    It's the seperate component, so I can tunr this off when I don't want it.

    I don't intend to use this with my 5.1 channel SACD music or anything (I finally got that sounding just the way I like it). But I was going to see what it would do for movies like the LOTR extended DVDs. Anything that will add spaciality to the panned-out and fly-over scenes should be a good fit. I'll also check out some SciFi and fighter jet scenes.

    Giving just the front speakers this effect will be different than playing around with the receiver's own settings as that would affect all speakers. Although I wonder what those "Hall" settings will sound like with the unit on...

    I'll report back on Monday.

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    I have an H-9 in a 5.1 set up. It usually doesn't do much for multi channel sources. I'm sure if you were to take measurements it raises the noise floor but in actual listening I don't notice. The biggest effect is on two channel material with Prologic disabled. For some material, especially classical music, it often gives a more pleasing and realistic result than Prologic. With Prologic engaged the effect is usually not so obvious, but ocassionally it will work in conjunction with the other processing -- this is very hit or miss and seems to ocurr with material that was mixed down from a number of tracks and usually stuff that makes nom attempt to reproduce an original live performance.

    Re-iterate: 2 channel classical often sounds more natural, while 2 channel pop with very unrealistic mixing sometimes sounds even more unrealistic but cool/interesting.

    Anyway, it has a bypass switch that lets you experiment and see what you like. I've never heard it produce an unpleasent effect expect that some solo guitar pieces give the impression that the instrument is 6-10 feet wide - probably reflects the angle you would experience if you head were located a foot or two from the guitar -- obviously a case of close mikeing.

    The positioning of the speaker impacts the effectiveness a great deal and there is normaslly only one narrow listening position wherte it works.

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