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    Can I get Sirus in a A/V reciever???

    Hi All,

    I have a friend that wants to get st up with a Home Theat, and has an acc with Sirus radio presently. He wants it to be in the A/V reciever, but the problem I am finding is, Everyone I looked at in Best Buy or CC , They all are set up for XM radio.

    What is the procedure here for my friend to get sirus in the A/V reciever??

    By the way I posted recently with a few questions , this was one of the questions , but I don't think I got an answer on the topic.


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    I don't know too much about the sat. radio stuff and what you need but check out the 90 or 91 Pioneer Elites at Magnolia/Best Buy. They support Sirius.,00.html

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