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    Calibrating speaker levels

    What decibel should I use on my SPL meter to calibrate at? Also, should the sub be at the same level? On test tones I have been using 75db. My mains, center and surrounds all are at that but my sub registers WAY past that. Do I need to cut the volume on my sub to match better?

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    Generally you should have the sub only 3-6 dB above your main channels. When I use the pink noise test tones from my receiver to the sub, it goes WAY past that even when I ahve the sub set at -15 dB whereas all the other speakers are at 0(+ - a couple). So I set it by ear. Just to see if they're close to being what they're suppose to be, I put in a disc and get my spl meter and set it at the "A" weighting. This only measures 500 hertz and up. Then when I switch it to C-weighting (Whole spectrum), the peaks on the meter read only 4-5 dB louder than as if it were on the A- weighting. I don't know if my way is the correct way, but it sounds fine to me. You could just buy a test disc and skip all the trouble as well.


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