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    Cable Connection

    Hello All,

    I have the Yamaha HTR 5990 and I have a quick question. The cable connection in the back, Is that for a cable wire for a specific antenna or can u split off your cable box and get reception. I know its a dumb question but any help would be apreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mike427
    ....can u split off your cable box and get reception.....

    Yes, but split before your cable box
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    Are you talking about a threaded input looks the same as the cable connection in your wall? This is most likely for an FM antenna. Whether you will get any reception will depend on if the cable company first uses an antenna for local channels, and if they allow any FM to travel through the cable system. You won't get TV channel sound, nor would you want to. You should be using a digital audio connection from the cable box to a digital input on your receiver. The output on the cable box may say "Toslink" or "coaxial" and will require just a single specialized connector called by the same name, but these are different types of connectors that do the same thing. For FM, go to Radio Shack and pick up a Rabbit Ear style antenna which will screw right onto that input you have. Hope I understood your question.

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    Mine is'nt even hooked up, its just too depressing to listen to FM anymore.
    But the best way (besides rabbit ears) is a rooftop antenna, any TV antenna will pick up FM, and you'll be surprized at the number of stations you'll get
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