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    Buying this HDTV tomorrow..your thoughts...

    Toshiba 57 HX83. I play Xbox here and there. I need tips to avoid burning. thx

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    burn in doesnt happen alot. just keep your playing time down a bit. i would say anywhere under 2-3 hours you'll be fine. you could probably play more but you might be pushing it in some games. but for me i get bored and turn a game off if i play more then 1 - 2 hours.

    some things you CAN do if you really want to protect it is to turn the contrast down on one of your tv's personal settings and use that for gaming.

    or flip through channels every 30 mins or so.

    but personally i think as long as you dont over do the playing or leave it on, its not neccesary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Boy
    Toshiba 57 HX83. I play Xbox here and there. I need tips to avoid burning. thx
    My thought is you should buy me one too!

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