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    bulb cool down issue if power goes out

    I good high end retailer told me there is a fan that stays on to cool the bulb down on DLP TV's. If you are watching the TV and power goes out he states the bulb will not cool down properly and greatly reduce the bulb longevity.

    He recommended a battery backup device for $180 to protect the bulb if the power goes out. I don't believe he is trying to rip me off as he has been in business 25 years or so but it does seem strange. he said he wanted to give me the bad news about the bulbs up front. This seems to add to the prior post "DLP's a Reality Check" that the bulbs may be a bigger long term concern than most people think

    Any comments?

    I do live in the country and the power does go out a couple times a year at least.

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    Get a UPS for all your gear if you're really worried about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't sweat it.

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    This is the same sort of device that protects unsaved material on a computer in the event of a power outage. The principle is sound. If a particular lamp has a tendency to blow early and easily, the ability to keep the fan going after an abrupt power failure may well extend its life, especially if it happens often.

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