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    Building a new HT room

    I'm preparing to build an addition to my house that will include a new HT room (16'x19'x8' ceiling). I'm looking for any material, either on the web or printed, that discusses HT room design including soundproofing, lighting, furniture placement, electrical, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Get this book!

    I bought it and it is very different to a lot of what you will hear.

    The room that you have in mind is quite small and it would be preferable if you could make it a little larger. The reasons for this are indicated in the book. Also you will have to consider the entire system - there is a relationship between the speakers and the room. Room acoustics have a profound impact on room acoustics.

    Most HT setups fall short of a comercial cinema. They lack dynamics and the output of a comercial cinema. Also the room is most often not designed to allow you to listen to movies at those levels without disturbing others. LFE in a small room is more difficult to get right as the response is dominated by "room modes" which are not a problem in comercial theatres. All this is covered in the book. It is quite unconventional. It basically tells you how to reproduce the same result as a comercial theatre on a budget in a home, and it shows how you won't achieve this if you use the approaches that most follow.

    This is info about recording studios, but the noise reduction info is very relevant:

    It also discusses bass trapping, although the HT book has suggestions more suitable to a home environment.

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