I'm currently building a small dedicated home theatre room and want advice on what projector and projector screen I should have a look at. It's been a while since I read up upon home theatre equipment, so I'm a bit rusty in the technology.


The room is 4 x 4.5 metres (13 x 15 feet), and the projector will be ceiling mounted in the back of the room. I've got HDMI-cable and Ethernet Cable already in place inside the ceiling for the projector, and a power socket next to where the projector will be mounted. Once connected with an Ethernet Cable the projector would be a part of my home network.

The setup will be for 5.1 surround, and I've got a Denon AVR-2809 reciever and a 5.1 Monitor Audio Silver RX8 speaker system, and the cabling for this is also now inside the walls.

The screen will be somewhere around 90-120" I'd guess, and it will most likely be a rigid wall mounted screen.

The room has a black matte finish on the walls and ceiling, and on the floor I will have a red carpet. There are no windows, so the only light penetration will be if the door is open.

I'd like the projector to be Full HD 1920x1080, 1080P, with support to Lens Shift (both vertical and horizontal if possible, but not required). Aside from that, I'd like it to be as quiet as possible in whatever mode I would usually be running it in.

I will most often be using the projector to watch movies and tv-shows that I have on my PC computer (70%), sometimes regular TV and Blu-Ray movies (30%).

It is important to me that I would like to be able to somehow stream content (using PS Media Server or Plex) from my PC (which will be in another room, connect through my home network), wether it be directly to the projector itself (does those exist?) or through my PS3 (or tips on another solution that only requires HDMI or Ethernet connection to the projector), so any tips on how getting that done is greatly appreciated (today I stream through PS3 in one room to that TV, and directly to a Samsung TV in another room).

If the projector and/or screen would support "multiformats" that would be absolutely great, but it's definatly not a requirement.

Budget for both projector and screen would be around 3100 / $4100, but less is obviously preferable if possible.

Any tips on projectors and/or projector screens that fit my needs above that I should read up on or go check out in a store would be highly valuable to me.