Guys, requesting your help please.

I baught 2 Polk Audio monitor 70 series speakers with Sony dh790 for my living room TV receiver --> CAD350 and 2 speakers CAD-->350.

I wish to setup a 2.1 system and will unlikely upgrade to 5.1 anytime soon, I also have no other gadgets connected to the receiver apart from the TV and that will also not change anytime soon.

I was wondering that can I return the Sony dh790 (which is expensive for me CAD 350) and get a DAC (as my TV only outputs optical) and connect an amp which can power my 2 275 watt speakers.

If yes can you guys please recommend a good DAC and amp (around 120 w/per channel).

Also do you guys recommend that I go down this route i.e. skip the receiver and just get an amp in my situation?

I also feel that Sony dh790 may not be good enough (amplification wise) for these 2 speakers, what do you guys think?