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Thread: Broken 65" RPTV

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    Broken 65" RPTV

    I have an opportunity to get a free broken mits 65" rptv, I have gotten vague spec, but believe it is a ws65817.

    I was told one of the lenses broke and a gel inside leaked a fried a circuit board. Is there a gel inside the lense? Would this be expensive to fix and worth picking up?

    Sorry about the limited details this is all I got, but need to pick it up this weekend if I want it.

    Thank you
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    There are two kinds of gel that can come into play in an RPTV. One is a liquid gel that is used to cool CRT tubes, and the other is a gel filter that some people use to reduce light and improve blacks. The liquid cooling gel has been known to leak on very rare occasions and cause trouble. If the TV is coming from someone you know, and you've got enough detail about what happened to get a ballpark price from a repair person, it might be worthwhile. But if there's a chance that you might be stuck with something that can't be repaired, or repaired cheaply, I'd avoid it, though I realize how tempting it can be to have a chance to get something for almost nothing.


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