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    Bought an HD-DVD player!

    Yep, finally bought the add-on drive for my Xbox 360. I've been thinking about one for a while, and for some reason the Warner announcement really got me wanting one. Sure enough I found one one Ebay for right at $100 with 6 movies!

    DANG this thing is awesome and it runs like buttah. It works so much better than I ever would have thought. No noise at all (unlike the drive in the 360 console). If you've got a 360 don't hesitate to get this drive! I figure you can't go wrong for $ doesn't take an extra input on your A/V gear, you can get most HD-DVD's for $10 on ebay, and Amazon had most of their new HD-DVD's for $14.99 last week. It was a killer week to go HD.

    And heck I figure even if HD-DVD's cease production tomorrow I've got a nice player that plays existing HD discs, upcoverts regular DVD's, and allows me to have both a game and a movie in the console so I can switch back & fourth (my attention span is short).

    Got a 360? Get the HD Drive.

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    funny you mention that....... SOLD my Xbox 360 last night (13 hours ago as a matter of fact) and I'm going to go to the store to shop around PS3's and stand-alone BR players.

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    Does that thing play the newer audio formats (lossless, or uncompressed)? That's been holding me back...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kexodusc
    Does that thing play the newer audio formats (lossless, or uncompressed)? That's been holding me back...
    No, it doesn't. Not much of a loss though, most HDDVD have a DD+ track

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    100 bucks! you have a bargain. I really want one of those too. I would like the top line Toshiba player. Have several friends with one already. They are very good. Well done N.Abstentia..

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    THE WARNER ANNOUNCMENT made you want to buy one? You like pain or something?
    Why does the imminent demise of a format make you want to buy into it?
    And you "saved" money, theres a reason that players so cheap.
    Sorry, but nothing good can come from this. At all.
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