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    Berhringer Feedback Destroyer DSP1124P or FBQ2596

    Does anybody have any experience with the Behringer Feedback Destroyer Parametric Equalizers? I am considering one to fine tune my subwoofer. Any experience, thoughts or suggestions? The old model is the DSP1124P of which there are some how to links. The new one, its replacement, the FBQ2496 just came on the market. Are these things worth getting? Will it make a big difference in sub sound quality?


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    Some on the forum have called the BFD the "best buy in audio equipment", and I agree. You can use it to change a boomy, one-note subwoofer, to one that puts out smooth bass throughout the curve.

    Keep in mind that you will need a meter, such as the Radio Shack SPl, and a disc of test tones, like the Stryke Audio.

    It's not real easy to use, but once you figure it out, it doesn't take long to enter the parameters.

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    For subwoofer equalizing, the two units are equally effective. The new version of the BFD has a lot of refinements for its primary feedback suppression functions, but does not add much to the parametric equalization. The parametric EQ now has higher resolution DACs and 12 additional filters, but neither of those refinements will have much effect for subwoofer equalization.

    Basically, the new version lists for $200, while the old one has been selling for $100. Unless you plan to use the BFD for full range equalization (which I would not recommend), the previous version will work fine.

    Here's a previous thread when the new version of the BFD was announced.

    New Price for Behringer Feedback Destroyer

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    Thanks Woochifer. I bought the DSP1124P for a $99. I will dial it in and report back.


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