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    Bass management question

    Currently I'm using the Denon DVD-2900 as my Dolby Digital/ DTS decoder for DVD's since it has higher quality Burr-Brown DAC's than my 5 year old Yamaha RX-V2095 receiver. Only problem is that the Denon's bass management system is lacking. The midrange and highs are much better, but the bass is miserable. I've heard that Denon forgot to add the 10dB boost that almost all DD decoders do to the LFE channel (since the LFE channel is encoded at -10dB on DD DVD's). Any thoughts on this?

    Also, I believe that setting the speaker to small on the Denon either cut off the low frequencies at either 100Hz or 120Hz. Does anyone know what the cutoff is?

    This might seem like a silly question, but since my speakers are able to handle down to 60Hz surround and 55Hz main, should I set them to large? Could the full range signals possibly damage the speakers, or do the speakers have an internal high pass filter that the below 60Hz signals would not be produced much? I will be getting front speakers that can handle down to 38Hz in a little bit, so I'll definitely set those to large, but for the time being....

    I'm a little confused, mostly disappointed in the Denon's bass management, but love it's +120Hz sound and picture quality!


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    Unless your mains can handle sub frequencies, don't set them to large. Sounds like your current definitley won't handle it, and the ones that only go down to 38hz could have some difficulty. I wouldn't set them to large, so sense in overdriving them by trying to make them do something they can't. You'll get a much cleaner sound set to small.

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