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Thread: "B STOCK"

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    "B STOCK"

    Hello All,

    what is B Stock? I'm thinking about buying a B&K Ref 50 from a store & the price is around $2000. But on line prices are cheaper but "B Stock"

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    It may depend on the sellers' interpretation but I believe it usually means that there is a slight (sometimes barely noticeable) cosmetic imperfection. Ask to be sure, but I think it should, in no way, affect performance or warranty. Often times a great way of getting a good price on equipment you may not be willing to spend normal retail prices on. If you go this route, just be sure to buy from a reputable dealer however.

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    B stock can also apply to units that have been returned, for any reason, and refurbished. I met a guy that did refurb for a major brand. He said sometimes units were returned because of dumb stuff like dead remote batteries then they are resold 'refurbished' units. Other times the units may need significant repair. Repair is made and unit is sold with full warranty. If you consider B stock, just make sure you have full warranty and full support from the dealer. Often you can find a list of authorized dealers from the manufacturers web site. I'm very happy with a Denon receiver I bought refurb for much less than new.


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    Quote Originally Posted by noddin0ff
    If you consider B stock, just make sure you have full warranty and full support from the dealer.
    This is the most important aspect in buying B stock, so heed noddinoff's words. I bought a Toshiba portable dvd player that was refurbished and it died within 2 days. I called the company I bought it from and they referred me to an authorized Toshiba repair center. The center took a look at it and refused to honor the warranty. Man, I was pissed! To their credit, RefurbElectronics sent me a replacement unit but it took awhile and arrived the morning we were leaving for a 2 week vacation (the whole reason for buying the dumb thing!) that included a 5 hour flight with a 3 yr old and 1 yr old. Now you know why I wanted that dvd player! I'm not sure I'd do it all over, at least not with something with so many moving parts. I might be more inclined with amps...

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    "B-stock" from an authorized dealer is a great way to go. You get full warranty on a product that often has no imperfection. Buying online rather than from your local dealer however, is not a great idea. If you can save 15-20% from someone who has not taken the time to explain pros and cons of a product you are not realy saving money in the end. Local dealers have to provide you with accurate information and good follow-up service because they depend on your repeat buisness. With most products you will end up having the same amount of money invested if you have to pay shipping for delivery and shipping for one repair as you would if bought from a local dealer.

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