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    Unhappy Attn Outlaw 1050 owners

    I just purchased a used 1050. I switch from DVD to radio and can't switch back! Tried pressing the digital input button on both the receiver and the remote but it seems to be stuck on radio mode. Please help! I'm sick of listening to 103.5 FM, the "soft and easy and always relaxing" station.

    PS, the 1050 sounds wonderful. I have it paired with some B&W 220's and 601 S3's and they sound better than ever.

    PPS, where can I get a replacement FM antenna?

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    In case you havent tried yet, I would completly power down the Outlaw... even pull the plug wait 5 mins. then try again...... good luck!!

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    nevermind.....i figured it out. thanks for your help though.

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