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    Anyone buy HT seating?

    We were looking to add a couple extra recliners to our HT room when a sister-in-law mentioned a local furniture that was going out of business was down to their last 2 days and were allowing customers to 'name their price'. She mentioned seeing nice 'electric' seating but I don't recall her saying much more, but I told her that didn't interest met. Boy was I wrong!

    We went to the furniture store that's about a 20 minute drive from our home and starting looking at the remaining inventory. A couple nice leather recliners caught our eye, and they were indeed 'electric', meaning they had a motor that operated the recliner function. They were really comfortable and the price was right. But we walked up the stairs to the second floor and I was blown away by the offering from 'Southern Motion' that included a love seat with recliners on each side, so 4 seats in all, with cup-holders and a neat triangular sort of table between them so you places to set your food and drink. Oh, and they all recline and have motors.

    The salesman gave us a really good price but we got him to come down another $750, so this was a done deal! I have to pick them up tomorrow and will offer some pics of my completed room in a week or so. Here's the link to view what we bought, although ours is a dark brown set, not what you see in the picture. Cool 'eh?

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    Very nice, I had a setup close to that when the kids were smaller. I'm looking for dual love seat recliners now for just me and my Honey.
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