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    Any Oppo reviews? (DVD player)

    Anyone have any reviews/commnets, anyone own the one and only Oppo OPDV971H?

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    I know someone who just got one of the Oppo units. He uses an ISF calibrated CRT direct view HDTV (looks nicer than any plasma, LCD, or DLP HDTV that I've seen) and went with the Oppo because it's probably the best performing (on the video side) DVD player for under $200. On top of that, it's an all-region, upscaling, and upconverting player with built-in PAL/NTSC conversion, DivX/XviD playback, and a non-HDCP DVI output (backwards compatible with older monitors). This is about as universal a DVD player as I've seen on the video side.

    On the Secrets of Home Theater site's benchmark tests, the Oppo player recently got the second highest score ever on their benchmark tests (only the $3,500 Denon DVD-5910 scored higher). The only shortcomings that I see are on the audio side, with no SACD or MP3 support, and no HDMI 1.1 support (for digital DVD-A audio output).

    Otherwise, this is a very formidable U.S. debut for Oppo Digital.

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