Hello Everyone, I'm new to audioreview.com and need help choosing an Amp for my home theater - not very well knowledgable in this Arena.

I have 125 Inch screen, Epson 3020, Oppo Blu ray, and Onkyo HT-S5600 and the speakers that came with HT package (Home Theater System | Home Cinema System | Surround Sound System | HT-S5600 | Onkyo USA ) which my friend helped install and picked out all the components.

The Reciever has a Zone 2 to allow sound to 4 additional rooms in my basement , which is someone complicated for my daughter to operate via the remote to get music in the gym playing her Ipod music. My friend said to get an AMP so that it will power the other 4 rooms (Niles multi-room box) without having to go thru the headache of operating the remote. My friend suggested this Amazon.com: PYLE PT8000CH Rack Mount 8000-Watt 8 Channel Stereo/Mono Amplifier: Electronics

I dont want to spend too much - Under $300. I've also seen some different Emotiva Amps and honestly don't know what the hell I need.

Does the Amp there just to power the other rooms and the Theater room so that you don't have to switch from Zone 1 to Zone 2? Does it make the sound for the Onkyo S-5600 speakers sound better or not.