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    Question Amp suggestions

    hello people
    Im kinda looking into an amp up grade and was wondering what sounds good for both home theater and 2 channel stereo. Right now I have a pioneer 7.1 elite that says it puts out 110/ ch. but just doesnt seem to distribute the power right. The home theater sounds ok just the 2 channel or in 2.1 sounds kinda bland and has no punch. Was also wondering about the cross over eq for the line out sub (mine is 100 -150-200) and was wonderin what the more modern amp will do. I have pretty much messed with speaker placement and all amp settings and nothing nothing sounds good. Basically it would be nice to have a good punchy kick drum sound coming from the towers and smooth bass out of the sub. Thank you

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    Have you considered getting just a two channel amp, presuming your receiver has pre-outs for it. That way your two channel music would benefit from better, dedicated amplification and the receiver would be powering two less channels.

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    Curious, why do you fault the amp? Do your speakers present a particularly challenging load? I'd think that much more detail about your situation needs explained before you should entertain seriously any suggestions you might get in this thread about the addition of an amp.

    I'd just hate to see you waste money on something that didn't address the issue.
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