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    Amazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces

    I'm an installer and I frequently get tasked with putting TV's over the fireplace. There are all kinds of reasons to do this (and a few not to), but I do it a lot and have now found the best way to do it.

    After a lot of searching I found the Down and Out TV mount from Dynamic Mounting. We spent some time setting it up and its pretty awesome! It really is an amazingly well-made and well-thought-out product! Nothing else like it in the world. And this plasma TV weighs 120 lbs so it really was put to the test.
    Here are 2 videos of putting the TV up and down. And yes, we plan on getting the rebate!
    Thanks to Kurt and company for making a fine and truly unique American-made product!

    Amazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces-img_20141204_235742714.jpgAmazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces-img_20141205_240020467.jpgAmazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces-img_20141205_240029898.jpgAmazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces-img_20141205_240433724.jpgAmazing Moving TV Mount for over fireplaces-img_20141205_240929465.jpg

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    I fail to understand why so many mount their new "flat panels" so damn high. I have no desire to get a crick in my neck while watching TV.
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    Pretty neat how the center speaker is incorporated into the mount.

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    These same people put their Wine Rack on top of the Fridge to keep it warm.

    Electronics don't do well when exposed to the heat from a fireplace. Neat mount, terrible application for it.

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