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    For all the Subwoofer experts...

    As some of you may recall, I built an Adire Rava 12" sub not too long ago and am very happy with the result (it is phenomenal with music!!!). One question remains and it relates to the fact that I didn't order any 'feet' for the sub which currently rests directly on a carpeted floor. I'm just wondering if adding some feet to get it off the floor would make a difference in the sound?

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    If your sub is down firing, then feet will improve the sound by allowing the cone to extend better and prevent blocking of air for the port. If your sub is front firing, this is not an issue.

    In general, I believe subwoofer feet are mainly used to prevent the sub from bouncing, buzzing against surfaces or generally moving around. Therefore rubber type feet are better.
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    With a carpet, you might want to at least try out some kind of a cone footer like the Michell Tenderfeet or the Mollytoes (I'm sure there are other less expensive options out there, but those are some of the more commonly available isolator cones out there) just to anchor the subwoofer onto the floor underneath the carpet. The sound difference with a carpet is probably less than with a wood floor where a lot of contact between the subwoofer cabinet and floor can create resonance. With a wood floor, I just use rubber feet ($2 for a pack of four at the local hardware store) and those anchor my Rava very solidly to the floor while minimizing the contact area.

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    Cheap remedy--get a good piece of marbel stone or tile under the sub. I was skeptical, but I tried it and found the bass was slightly more pronounced. Corner placement and experimentation are key.

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