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    Question Advice on home theater system

    Panasonic SC-DT300 or Yamaha VS-10?

    I am looking to purchase a mini system for a small studio apartment and I have looked at these two systems, mainly because of their value, but also because I want a small system that won't use a lot of shelf space.

    I don't actually mind that the Yamaha VS-10 does not have a DVD player since I already own a Sony DVD player and won't mind an extra one either included in the Panasonic SC-DT300.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Do you want small?.....You should REALLY consider the Panasonic SC-MT1 home theater in a box. You can pick it up online for around $200. I bought one for my bedroom and sound quality is fantastic. The bass is really big for such a small system. The size?.......because the amplifier is built into the subwoofer, the receiver is about half the size of a DVD player. It has progressive scan for HDTV's and play back of high resolution DVD-Audio's. It also has a mirrored face that looks very classy.

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    A correction.............

    I meant Panasonic SA-MT1, sorry about that!

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