For reasons as yet unknown my Marantz 7055 is on its way to the local service center.

It started out with the fan growing increasingly loud after very occasional light use. In fact, I've only watched 2 movies in that past month or so. I didn't think much of the fan noise at first. No, it wasn't the usual "whisper quiet," but it wasn't so loud that it overpowered the audio... until this morning.

This morning I turned on the 7055 to listen to music. I could hear the fan come on, but it was lightly hushed. I walked away to an adjoining room for only a couple of minutes -- the song that I'd started was still on -- when I realized that I could hear the fan revving up, to the point that it was louder than the music. This I could hear from another room. Call it my "Oh, ****!" moment. Before I could make it back to the living room to turn it off, the protection circuit engaged.

Time stopped. I think my breathing and heart did, too.

After waiting an hour and disconnecting the speaker and XLR cables that were plugged into the amp, I reinserted the power cord and powered up the amp. Sure enough, there went the fan again, as loud as a mini-wind tunnel. Not good. Off to the service center you go.

This sucks. It's my first full weekend off with nothing to do and nowhere to be, and I've a few good blu rays to watch. Anyone care to loan me a replacement amp?