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    Question 3 + 3 = 5.1? (Video / Audio cable interchangeability?)

    Yesterday's discussion of DVDA/SACD rekindled my interest in exploring the format. However, I'm wondering if I've got things hooked up correctly... My DenonDVD2200 and AVR1905 have the analog 5.1 channel outputs/inputs. Rather than buy a specific 5.1 interconnect cable, I simply used two three-wire cables (a composite video [LR audio + Video] and a component video) cables to make the connection. I had these on hand and thought 3 plus 3 equals 5.1, right? However, I'm wondering if there is more to it. I suppose they are labeled Audio and Video cables for a reason. Are audio and video interconnect cables interchangeable? These interconnects aren't anything special- they are Monster Cable Home Series that I bought at Target for about $4 marked down from $20.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You can use a video cable for an audio signal with no problems.


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    Markw is right, in fact there's a small chance the video cable will be a bit better than the audio cables (though doubtful these days, there all pretty generic). Can use these for digital coax connection too.

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    Nah, it's fine.

    Seems like I caught the same deal on Monster Cables at Target you about 150 bucks worth of cables for like 30 dollars.
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