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Thread: 3.1 setup

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    3.1 setup

    Hello there! I'm looking for some input since there are so many speakers in the world! I live in Taiwan and here many speakers aren't available for preview because stores typically don't have an extensive collection

    I want to build a 3.1 system, AV receiver must support:
    - 4K
    - a second subwoofer (to buy later)
    - Atmos (but don't need Atmos speakers now)

    I'll play all my media through my laptop (HDMI). I plan to use the set for the next 10 years. I'm new to this and I've been doing research for 3 months now.

    What I'll do with it: 80% music, 20% movies. I love to FEEL bass in movies, I prefer to have flat music. Music: pop music, k-pop, city pop, edm, vapor wave, anime soundtracks, funky music, jazz, instrumental.

    I have a small/medium size room (4.5m x 4.5m x ceiling 2.5 meters = 15' x 15' x 8'4" ceiling). Ceiling is not solid but styrofoam (?) - what I mean is it's made of individual 50 cm x 50 cm squares that you can lift up, like in an office.

    Budget is ~$3000 USD but I'm looking for value vs. competing speakers rather than using all my money. Also I live in Taiwan, so I often will have to pay +33% extra (shipping + import tax) from the amazon price so budget may actually be ~ $2000 And many speakers won't ship to here so I also need as many alternatives as I can get.

    I have some ideas but since I'm new I'll just ask you: What would you get?
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    First off you can't get Atmos from a 3.1 setup, so you need to think more along the line of 5.1 or 7.1 then add the Atmos height or ceiling speakers.
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